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geometric handbag trends 2020

Geometric Shaped Handbag Trends
Fall 2020

On the fall 2020 runways one could not help but notice Geometric Shaped bags in various forms as squares, circles and triangles. These bags bring something fresh, they look very fashionable, avant-garde and fun.

The aesthetics of pure geometric forms entered our culture at the end of the 20s of the 20th century with the emergence of the Bauhaus art school in Germany, which combined crafts and fine arts. It became famous for its approach to design, which sought to combine functionality and aesthetics that are based on admiration for the beauty of pure geometric forms, simplicity and a minimum of decor.

Ideas of the Bauhaus influenced 20th century architecture and design as Le Corbusier – one of the most important architects of the 20th century, artist and designer said “the world around us is the world of pure, true, and flawless geometry”.

As such, we were delighted to see fashionable geometric shaped bags on the runways, bags that can accentuate your outfit and do it very avant-garde and fashionable way.

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Our first handbag will be a tribute to the iconic painting by Kazimir Malevich, the 1915’s “Black Square”, one of the most famous works of art of the 20th century.

An Elegant modern square Sam Edelman’s Cube Shoulder Bag with kiss lock closure.

The Vince Camuto 1 , 2 shoulder bag and small tote as well as the Liebeskind Berlin 3 crossbody bag are both fashionable and functional. They look very modern thanks to the vibrant colors, the simple geometric shape and the sharp contrast between the rectangular shape of the bag and the round details such as the lock or handles.

An Armani crossbody bag with black and white super-graphic repeating logo in a black-outlined rectangle, looks very modern.

In the Shoulder Bags of Kate Spade 1 and Karl Lagerfeld 2 , 3, the rectangular geometric shape is emphasized by the repeated shapes of black rectangle outlines.
Kate Spade New York Etta Ainslie Street Hand/Shoulder Bag.
The design of the bag plays on the theme of repeating squares that creates an image of a big modern city.

Trapeze Handbags

ZAC Zac Posen 1 Biba, is a wonderful calf leather bag with clear rhythms of trapezoids and semi-circles that makes it expressive and memorable. While another option is Vince Camuto 2 Kenni Satchel with a contrast between the trapezoid shape of the bag and the square handle.

Circle Handbags

Here we present to you our selection of round bags. Their wide range of colors and textures allows you to find the right bag to match your outfit. Many types of bags can be found in their round shape, circular shoulder bags, round crossbody bags and clutches to name a few.

Luxurious, exotic crocodile bone leather round bag by Rossie Viren, in a very beautiful color, one of the trendiest colors that enhances the exotic effect. You can carry this bag by handles or use the belt that comes with it.

Two gorgeously stylish croc-embossed leather shoulder bags from Brahmin 1 and Ainifeel 2. Both bags are in trendy colors that will always be in fashion.
For those who love minimalism, monochrome or colored styled round leather bags. The first one is from Brahmin 1 and the two others from Kate Spade 2 , 3.

A fun round cross-body bag from Liebeskind Berlin 1 that is made of smooth leather and has a “regular” suede pocket attached to it, followed by Sam Edelman 2 scarlett round wristlet in a very beautiful bright color with a buckle of an interesting shape.
The last is iFOXER 3 leather round shoulder bag with a fun metal cat-ear charm that can also be used as a handle


This is our selection of leather round bags for special occasions when white is needed or for those who just love white.

Our selection of round bags in different colors and textures in PU leather.

For those who love pink color. A charming minimalist round shoulder bag in lovely pink color from Matt & Nat. 100% Vegan

Half-Moon Handbag

We love the design of the Kate Spade small half-moon crossbody bag.
When you use it as a shoulder bag, the playful and thoughtful design transforms the structure itself, specifically the handles, into a decorative element and expands the trendy color scheme of the bag. Bravo!

Michael Kors 1 half-moon crossbody shoulder bag crafted in saffiano leather and Melie Bianco 2 crossbody bag in a half moon shape crafted in premium vegan leather.
These minimalist bags, in light trendy colors, bring style and elegance to any outfit.

The contrast between the thin metal ring and the croc-embossed leather half-moon bag, complete with tassel and rotating metal ring, make this VICTORIA HYDE bag sophisticated and elegant. In addition,  this bag can be used as crossbody bag, shoulder bag, clutch purse or a wristlet wallet !


Pyramids Ball and Hexagon

The following geometric bags are made from different materials such as quality PU leather, polyester and raffia. With their unique design,  these bags look very modern and will make your outfit trendy and stylish.

We conclude our review with a fun rectangular bag from ZAC Zac Posen in smooth lightweight calfskin with a hook closure and a surprise on the back of the bag that you can see if you take a closer look.

Now the choice is yours !

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