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Handbag Color Trends
Fall Winter 2020-2021

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After the major fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan have passed, one can get a clearer picture of the color palette for Fall Winter 2020.

Although The classic blue continues to be the color of the year, the entire palette has shifted towards warmer and earthy colors that connect us with nature and create a feeling of greater comfort and warmth in the cold winter weather.
Of the cold colors, the total palette contains only a few shades of blue and green.

One of the fall-winter 2020 bag color trends is that the color and material of the bags either matches the outfit, or is very similar to it in color, tone or saturation, as in the Dolce & Gabbana collection, the Chanel collections, the Rocha collection, and many other.

On the other hand, in collections like Loewe or Philipp Plein, the colors of the bags can contrast with the outfit.

Thus, the color of the bag becomes an important part of the color composition of the entire outfit.

And now for the colors !


As usual, the dominant color of the runway bags was black. It appeared in a wide variety of materials and textures, from smooth, matte and shiny to quilted and fringed.

Now apart from the everlasting black, we are even more interested in the new colors that we can add to our wardrobe this season.


Shades of orange

From amber to tangerine – from yellowish orange, which is in the middle between yellow and orange, to bright orange red. These are bright sunny energetic colors that bring life to everything around.

Shades of red

From red that is full of dynamics, energy and sexuality, to a darker reddish-brown, which is perceived as calmer, deeper and with more gravity.

Shades of pink

Wide variety of pink shades from bright pink-candy that creates a feeling of celebration, to pinkish brown and pale pink for a pleasant warmth or the tenderness of light gray pink.

Shades of blue

Shades of Blue that are calm, serious and confident

Shades of light blue

Shades of light blue (Powder blue) are pleasant unexpected shades for outerwear and bags, but they are very nice to see, as if you are breathing fresh air.

Shades of dark blue

Against a brighter colors, dark blue shades look like neutral colors, but they have strength, depth and gravity.

Shades of Olive green

Shades of Olive green are yellowish green colors. These are warm-green, semi-neutral colors that are associated with nature.

Shades of light yellow-green

These light, fresh, spring shades are eye catching because the rest of the colors appear darker like “winter colors”.

Shades of brown

Shades of brown, from dark to lighter colors can appear as more reddish or moor golden.
It is a rather expressive warm range of nature’s autumn colors that go well with most shades of the trend’s colors.

Shades of gray and white

These are neutral colors that harmoniously combine with all colors.

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