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Handbag Trends of 2020​

We’d like to present you with some of the leading handbag trends of 2020.

Geometric bags are a very popular trend this year. They look very fashionable, avant-garde, fun and can accentuate your outfit and make it very stylish.
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Bucket Bags

Bucket bags continue to be trendy, sometimes their design tends to be more structured, and sometimes softer. We can find them in many colors and materials, from very large to small in size. Bucket bags can be perfect for everyday use and as a going-out bag.

Raffia Bags

The Raffia bags are still trendy this summer.
Often, we can find them combined with leather elements, and now, in today’s design, they are suitable not only for the beach, but also for the office and for the evening.

Woven Leather

Together with woven straw bags, woven leather bags became part of the 2020 trends. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Bamboo Handles

Besides raffia, Bamboo handles are another natural material that has appeared in the handbag design world. The bamboo handles can be incorporated into the design of different types of handbags and add their special look and feel to the bag.

Chain Embellished Bags

Chains are now appearing not only in jewelry. They began to be used to decorate shoes, and now have arrived to become a fashionable addition in the design of the bag.

Black Handbags

There is a great variety of color trend this year. Neutral colors, Bright rainbow colors and of course, black. The reason Black is still with us and doesn’t seem to go out of fashion is that it always elegantly combines with all other colors.

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