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Pop Art Handbags Design

Pop art is one of the brightest and most popular trends in contemporary art. Pop art began in the 50s, first in England and then in the late 50s in the United States. Pop artists rebelled against the classical abstract elite art of the time. They began to use imagery drawn from the daily life of comic book advertisements and from the media.

The leading representatives of pop art were the artists, on the one hand, vividly and optimistically portrayed the abundance of consumer goods and admiring the glamor of Hollywood stars. But On the other hand, they were ironically mocking the widespread fascination with material abundance and the glory of movie stars and other celebrities.

Each artist had his own style of work, Andy Warhol took the usual objects of everyday life and used their enlarged and repeated images to create a new visual experience. One of Andy Warhol’s iconic works were portraits of Merlin Monroe and other stars, repeated in large sizes and different bright colors.
Roy Lichtenstein has developed a distinctive style: black outlines, bold colors and shades, and a distinctive halftone dot pattern. And one of the most famous works of Richard Hamilton was a collage made from magazine clippings.
Along with this, pop art has become one of the most recognizable styles of art thanks to its vibrant saturated colors, crisp contours and flat images.

In the design of bags, Pop art prints will turn any bag into a bright and memorable image.

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Another principle in bag design is the transformation of a popular culture images into a product.

The Coca-Cola brand is a popular culture icon. The very image of the icon has become a product – a bag.

Flat images of sensual symbols which are very popular in pop art collages are also becoming a popular product.

We see a modern interpretation of pop art in the cheerful design of the 3D Style handbags. In this design, a two-dimensional brightly contoured image of an object and its three-dimensional real existence merge into one whole.

With the remarkable style of pop-art, one can always find a way by which to express oneself in today’s society.

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