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Types Of Handbags - A Women's Guide​

If there’s one item that we cannot live without, it’s our handbag. After all, most of us take our handbag wherever we go. If you’re interested in adding to your handbag collection and would like to try something new, it’s now easier than ever to find them in all sizes, designs, colors and price ranges.
For a quick review of the many different types of handbags, keep reading, because these are some of the most popular handbag types around.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing shoulder bags is their sheer size. In other words, shoulder bags are usually huge! If you love including “everything but the kitchen sink” in your handbag, these are the handbags you’ll need. They usually have straps that are quite long and comfortable, making it super simple to bring it along everywhere you go.

Another advantage of choosing a large shoulder-type bag is the variety you get when it comes to materials, design, and of course, color. You can choose a bag made out of leather or a fabric-colored bag consisting of bright colorful patterns. Furthermore, since a good shoulder bag is included on most manufacturers’ product list, you can find one of these handbags regardless of where you look.

Of course, not all over-the-shoulder bags are large. Some, in fact, are very small, but they all have one thing in common: straps that fit comfortably around your shoulder and which makes carrying it around a lot easier to do. Most of these bags are reasonably priced as well, so if you want to add more than one or two to your collection, you can do so easily. This is one type of handbag you won’t regret purchasing, especially once you see how versatile it is.

Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are very similar to shoulder bags but they are usually not as wide. They can still hold a lot of your personal belongings, but have more of a crescent shape than a perfect square or rectangle that gives them a certain youthful appeal. In fact, the hobo bag can be a great addition to your collection of handbags because it can fit many different moods, occasions, and purposes.

The hobo can be made with nearly any type of material and can have extra features as well. It can have separate compartments on the sides of the bag, which are usually small, and a long strap, even though it isn’t technically a shoulder bag. It can be leather or fabric, fancy or casual, dark or light, but it is a great go-to bag that you should have at least one of in your closet.


Think of satchels as a cross between a handbag and a laptop bag. They aren’t too small or too big but seem to always be the perfect size. They usually have a flap, two handles and sometimes a shoulder strap. They can also have compartments or zipper pockets on the outside, and some of them even have fancy buckles for a more decorative look.

The best part about a satchel handbag is that it not only fits all of your essentials such as keys, cell phone, and wallet, but also a few of your electronic devices. This means they are perfect for both eating lunch with your friends and going to the office. Just like other handbags, these bags can be made out of many types of materials and different designs, so they can be fancy or plain, dressy or casual.

Since they are a great size, they aren’t too heavy for you to carry around, even if you plan on stuffing it full of belongings and spend all day running errands. When you’re shopping for this type of handbag, you’ll quickly notice the beautiful variety of colors that are available.

Crossbody Bags

A crossbody bag is a handbag with an extra-long strap that wraps around your body and allows you to go about your day with your hands. The bag simply drapes over your shoulder and across your body. Crossbody bags are good for both casual and formal uses, although they are more commonly used as a casual type of a bag.

These are great bags to have when you’re out shopping or running errands because you’ll have both hands free to do what you need throughout the day. You can easily grab whatever you need out of the bag at any time, quickly close it and go back to what you were doing earlier. This is a fun type of handbag to have and it comes in a variety of sizes and designs so you can use it for just about everything.

Tote Bags​

If you think of the bag you’re likely to take with you when you go to the beach, you already know what a tote bag is. The only difference is that tote bags aren’t usually quite as casual-looking as those you take to the beach. They are usually a little more secure and can protect your belongings inside a bit better than a beach bag, which is often made of some type of mesh or plastic material.

A tote bag is a little more casual than other types of handbags, but still well-made and can be used for a variety of occasions when bigger capacity is needed. The bag is often made out of decorated fabric and can be seen as a cheery type of handbag to carry around with you. With a long body and long straps, this is also a very comfortable handbag that you’ll enjoy using year after year.

Clutches & Wristlets​

A clutch bag is a small bag that is usually very simple and elegant. For the times that you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff because you’re only going to be gone a short time, clutches usually work best. They can come with or without a strap, but because they are designed to be clutched as you go from one activity to another, they are often made without the strap.

Clutch bags are usually dressy because most of them appear to be made for more formal occasions, such as dinner parties and company parties. Often made out of more decorative materials such as satin or velvet, they make the perfect handbag as they are small enough to be held in one hand yet just big enough to hold the basics that you always seem to need.

Yet another advantage of these types of handbags is their selection of colors. You can easily find a clutch that perfectly matches your outfit, thanks to the many different colors and patterns the bags are made of nowadays. Most clutches seem to be solid-colored, but there are some companies that make the bags in print patterns as well. Some of these bags can also come with extra compartments on the inside so you can carry even more of your belongings.

Very similar to the clutches, wristlets are also small in size and are made to keep your essential belongings. As their name implies, they are equipped with a strap that wraps around your wrist. Let’s face it, every woman needs a clutch or a wristlet in her collection of handbags.

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